We Make It Easy! From your initial consultation, to design, construction, and project management, Backyard Connection is completely committed to making your pool building experience an easy one.

Here's What You Can Expect While every custom built pool is different, the design and building process generally remains the same. Here's what you can expect after you contact Backyard Connection:

1. We will visit your home and discuss what you would like your backyard to become.

2. Your custom design will be completed and ready for review.

3. Once you decide to move forward, we can immediately begin to schedule the building phase of your new pool!

4. We will begin to engineer your custom pool with meticulous detail. We will start by grading and excavating, or digging out the site. We'll also perform any necessary demolition during this phase. After the site has been excavated, we will install the reinforncing steel, or rebar. Then all of the plumbing and electrical work will be completed before the pool goes through an initial inspection.

5. Your pool will be sprayed with a concrete-like substance known as gunite. After the gunite has cured, we will install the coping and tile.

6. We will complete all of the masonry work. If you have chosen to include features like custom walls, rock features, waterfalls, a bar-b-que or a fireplace, they will be built or installed during this phase of construction.

7. The deck of your pool will be installed.

8. Finally, your pool will be plastered. This is one of the last phases of construction.

9. Fill your new pool with water! When the plaster phase is complete, your pool will finally be ready to be filled with water. Now it's time to call your friends and family so you can have a pool party to celebrate!


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